Asbestos Disease

My specialty has been in the Pre Trial part of helping people get compensated for over 30 years. The ability to gather relevant information in a timely manner is crucial. The Pre Trial portion is the time when facts are gathered and exchanged with the asbestos companies.

In order to know what questions to ask someone with an asbestos disease, one must first have a thorough understanding of what materials had asbestos in them and when. Since the 1980s I have studied which materials had asbestos fibers in them and during what time period, as well as how people were exposed to asbestos fibers (inhaled dust) released during their normal use. Very few attorneys can say the same. There is no substitute for experience. 

Pre trial refers to the time period from when a client first calls and hires a law firm to help them through the legal process up until when a jury is picked for trial if there is a unique situation where a trial is required. It is the gathering of information and providing it to either the appropriate bankrupt companies trust funds or solvent companies attorneys in an effort attempt to get them to offer top compensation for your asbestos disease.

Are You at Risk?

Due to all of the TV ads and expensive websites from attorneys looking to represent with asbestos disease, here is some information about the billions set aside in US Bankruptcy Courts for Mesothelioma patients. Individuals who had exposures during specific times at large job locations such as: shipyards; power generating plants; paper mills; factories; large buildings; airports,; chemical plants and other facilities that had large employment have been able to have file claims with these trust funds . Each trust has approved sites, where they concede that they shipped asbestos. Individuals with more unique asbestos exposures likely also have the ability to file certain claims based upon their prior uses of asbestos in a manner approved by certain trusts. The larger sites have been more thoroughly researched and invoices exist confirming the sales of asbestos.

Some individuals choose to only file trust claims while others have a combination of trust funds and claims filed in Courts. The trust funds are funds set aside for future asbestos claimants from individual bankrupt companies during their bankruptcy process in Bankruptcy Courts where they go through a process to discharge their liabilities. The cut off time for claiming exposure to most trust funds is by the early 1980s. The payments they offer are a fraction of what they would be had the company not gone bankrupt.

Over 30 Years Experience

The more experienced an attorney is, the better able they will be to help determine how to achieve as full as possible compensation within the legal system. There simply is no reason not to hire an experienced attorney to help you understand what is compensable by the trust funds and through the legal system. Any lawyer can write about $30 billion put aside by mesothelioma trust funds, but not as many can explain exactly what is required to get full compensation from the trusts and the legal system.

It is the detailed investigation of all facts regarding all exposures to asbestos dusts within compensable time periods that have lead me to help achieve maximum settlements and as full as possible recovery. It should be mentioned that some cases do require going to trial when settlements with the asbestos companies during the factual discovery process is not able to be achieved.

What You Can Do

Legal options exist for mesothelioma patients and their loved ones. I am available for an initial free consultation to help you understand your rights and path to available compensation. My unique experience may help guide you in the right direction before you rush to hire someone based solely upon a TV commercial or Internet ad.